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Win $300 or a Steering wheel for the PS4 / Xbox

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You could win a logitec steering wheel or $300. The choice is yours. Do you want to increase your chances in winning the giveaway? 

You could increase your chances by:


  1. Share our most recent giveaway post in your story and tag us. @premiumcarbonfiber (1 entry)


  1. Tag 3 friends under the most recent giveaway post. (1 entry)


  1. For every product that you buy from the store you get at least 10 entries. That means if you buy 3 products in one order the entries will add up!

    4. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming! Which means our products will have huge sales. You could get more products for less which means more entries!


The winner off the giveaway will be announced at January 1, 2020.


Signing up gets you 1 entry. If you want a bigger chance, read the description!


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