LED Exhaust Pipe Tip

  • LED Exhaust Pipe Tip

LED Exhaust Pipe Tip


How to shoot flames without shooting flames
The integrated LED-lights create an amazing flame-effect, especially at night!

Universally adjustable inlet size: These tips fit on any type of factory muffler. The 2.5 inch inlet size can be adjusted to whatever size your muffler is. 

Outlet size: 4 inch diameter

Lenght: 8 inches

Heat resistant: The LED-light will not be affected or damaged by the high temperature of the exhaust pipe.

Highly durable: Made out of stainless steel & carbon fiber, these exhaust tips are highly durable and weather resistant.

Easy installation: No drilling or cutting required.



1. Put your new exhaust tip on the car's pipe and push it in. Afterwards, tighten the clamp to fit your exhaust size.

2. Connect the red cable to positive, and black to iron.

Test it to make sure it works.